This site is open to calligraphers of all skill levels and styles. We all started somewhere and I am thankful to all the clients who worked with me early on in my career even as my talents were developing. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. I found that by working for clients, my skills grew in ways I never would have expected.


Your Listing will include*:
1) Contact Information (town, phone, fax, email address, website address)
2) Description of your work (up to 100 words)
3) Two Images that are samples of your work (see details below)
4) Description of your Samples (this can include another 75 words per piece providing whatever information you deem necessary, ie: title, medium, cost, availability of prints, description of the process, etc.)

Click here to see a sample page.

* reserves the right to edit materials that are deemed inappropriate for a community website such as this. cannot be held responsible for transactions made between you and the client. This site is designed to make our art more accessible and visible to our local community, have fun with this increased exposure but make sure you take steps to protect yourself as an artist and have successful business transactions.

Cost:$15 annual fee

How to Register:
1) Please make checks payable to:

Calligraphy Design Studio
Attn: Debby Reelitz
24 Silkey Road
North Granby, CT 06060

2) Send an email to that includes all of the above contact information and descriptions. PLEASE include all of the above information for the website coordinator. If you DO NOT want some of the contact information listed on the website, please indicate clearly what you DO WANT to have listed.

3) You are responsible for the quality of your digital images. Following are some suggestions that will hopefully assist the process:

a) Overall, due to the detailed nature of calligraphic work, I find it best if the resolution is at least 300 dpi.
b) Once you have resolved any color issues to your satisfaction, please send me the full size scan, picture, slide of the artwork. I will change the resolution and size to be appropriate for the website.
c) I can also accept photographic slides and convert them into digital files (I think! I haven't yet tested this capability on my scanner yet!)

PS. From your website coordinator...This site is a new experience for all of us. Please be patient as we all get up the learning curve! I'm no computer guru but I feel it is so critical that we get an Internet presence so that people can find us more easily. I'm tired of hearing potential students and clients say, "It's so hard to find you!" The work we do is beautiful and done by wonderful artists like yourself, let's get it out there. Questions? Call me, Debby Reelitz: 860-413-9041.