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Fall 2021

Mysticalligraphers is a group formed in 1982 by calligraphers who recognized a need for social and professional contact with other calligraphers. The group includes both amateur and professional calligraphers who are interested in sharing their enthusiasm for calligraphy as an art form with each other and the community. Membership is open to all, regardless of calligraphic experience or skills.

Members find the benefits of belonging to an organized group are many and varied. Membership in our guild is your link to calligraphic information and activities on the state and national levels. Activities include lectures, workshops, demonstrations and classes featuring both local and nationally known calligraphers. The subjects range from general calligraphy to specifics such as gold gilding, illumination and crafts related to calligraphy.

Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Mystic Noank Library. Most meetings have an informational theme concerning some aspect of calligraphy such as “printing your work,” “where to get your supplies,” “producing wedding invitations” and “framing your work.” Specifics regarding meeting dates are available from the library and local newspapers.

From time to time, we present an exhibit of members’ work in the Mystic – New London area.

As a group, we produce calligraphic projects such as our annual calendar (1990-2004) and the Mysticalligraphers’ Cookbook. Members contribute their efforts in these projects to raise funds for our organization’s activities. In addition, we occasionally participate in local art and crafts shows, providing members the opportunity to display and sell their calligraphy items, with a small commission benefiting Mysticalligraphers.

Our organization serves as a resource pool to the community, providing speakers and teachers to local schools and other non-profit organizations. Funds raised from group projects are used to supplement our group’s activities as well as to expand public awareness of calligraphy. We have purchased and donated calligraphy books and periodicals to local libraries and maintain our own library of calligraphy and related books for our members.

All members receive a quarterly newsletter describing the current activities of the group, the subject of the next meeting and assorted news and information. They also have access to the guild’s own library collection which includes over 100 books, 13 slide collections, 10 videos, original pieces which can be borrowed, calligraphic and other related journals, catalogs, and other materials such as a complete set of Mysticalligraphers’ Calendars.

Mysticalligraphers is a non-profit organization. We welcome you as a guest at our meetings and invite you to become a member. Annual membership dues: $25

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