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Documentary about Calligraphy Traditions around the World

Lindisfarne Gospels

A blog about chained libraries

Book of Kells

Magna Carta

Calligraphy Links-including Islamic

African & Asian manuscripts:

The calligraphy world so many of us have experienced is Eurocentric. Here on the Calligraphy Connecticut website, we are working to broaden our horizons and celebrate the manuscripts and scrolls of other parts of the world as well. Forgive us for our lack of awareness, if you have suggestions or resources please share them with us, so that we may share them with others.

Calligraphy Resources:  

John Neal Booksellers is an excellent source of calligraphy, gilding and bookbinding supplies. They also have an excellent listing of calligraphy events and resources that is kept up to date very well. They are extremely committed to the needs of our unique community. Highly recommend.

Paper and Ink Arts is another resource for calligraphers. They have an abundance of calligraphic tools and supplies.

Please support these unique suppliers, these businesses are an integral part of keeping calligraphy alive and vibrant.

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