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Mysticalligraphers was formed in 1982 by calligraphers who recognized a need for social and professional contact with other calligraphers.  Our group includes amateurs and professionals who share their enthusiasm for calligraphy as an art form with each other and the broader community. 

The benefits of belonging to an organized group are many.  Members receive a quarterly newsletter. The guild shares information on exhibits, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and classes featuring both local and nationally known calligraphers and artists.  Opportunities are available to exhibit members’ work.  Meetings, held on the second Wednesday of the month, foster fellowship and provide hands-on instruction and demonstrations.  Practical topics have included learning various calligraphic hands, making simple books, illuminating letters, matting and framing our pieces, and preparing calligraphy for professional printing.

Our guild promotes awareness and appreciation of calligraphy in the community.  For example we have produced calligraphic projects such as an annual calendar (1990 – 2004) and the Mysticalligraphers’ Cookbook.  We participate in community activities such as decorating a Christmas tree for the Babcock Smith House Museum, demonstrating at the historic Joshua Hempsted House in New London.  We serve as a resource pool to the community, providing speakers and teachers to local schools, libraries, and other non-profit organizations.  We have donated books and periodicals to local libraries.  We also maintain our own library of calligraphy related books, media, and other materials.

Mysticalligraphers is a non-profit organization.  Membership is open to all who love letters, regardless of calligraphic experience or skills.  We welcome you as a guest at our meetings and invite you to become a member.

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