HAND DRAWN: A Mike Gold Workshop


sponsored by the Mysticalligraphers Guild

Lecture: October 8, 2021; 7 pm (lecture cancelled due to safety precautions)
Workshop:  October 9 and  October 10, 2021 SOLD OUT
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Place : Coastal Lodge on 637 Pequot Trail, Stonington, Connecticut
Cost: Mysticalligraphers members $165  – non –members $185
Payment  due by August 1 , 2021
Please make check payable to:  Mysticalligraphers
and send to c/o Terry Philbrick, 7 Wyngate Circle, Mystic, CT 06355

Workshop Description: Lettering is the “art of drawing letters.” But I like to think to think of “Lettering” as the umbrella term for all things hand lettered. Under that broad category is calligraphy, hand drawn (which could include painted, chalked, marketed), digitally composed, constructed, cut out, etc. Our focus is on an area that has taken the design and advertising world by storm: hand drawn. Hand drawn lettering is everywhere and it’s being done by illustrators, graphic designers and calligraphers. This workshop looks at how hand drawn lettering can be applied to our personal work, looking at the hand drawn lettering of Ben Shahn, David Jones, Imre Reiner and more contemporary artists for inspiration. Exercises will help you learn some of the ways to create hand drawn letters and compositions, with a final project that contains cut-out lettering. 

All levels are welcome; some calligraphy experience is desirable.

Artist Bio: Mike Gold has worked as a commercial lettering designer for over 30 years, mostly in the social expressions business. But his real passion is exploring the corridors of calligraphy that have been less traveled, the path where words and letters are design elements with which to play with line, shape and form, where creating a visual statement is more important than writing a readable text. In both his professional and personal art, Mike breaks traditional rules to create contemporary, non-traditional work.

Supply List:
2-4 sheets of Arches Text Wove or comparable, 11×14” (optional)
2 sheets Mi-Tientes or Canson paper, soft colors (not white or ivory), 11×14” (optional)
2 sheets 11×14” white opaque paper (Arches 140# Hot Press or comparable, such as Frankfurt 120gsm or Rives BFK White 180 gsm; Arches Text Wove will also work if you don’t have any of these papers or don’t want to buy)
Marbled paper, at least 1 sheet (at least 8-1/2×11”)
80# Strathmore 400 Drawing Pad, 11×14”
Tracing Paper
Black calligraphy ink, such as Higgins Eternal (or comparable)
Sumi ink (I like Yasutomo or Moon Palace)
Quink (I like Blue and Blue-Black) – optional
Walnut ink (optional)
A few color pencils (Prismacolor are best) and/or dry pastels (optional)
Some favorite gouaches
Pencils (I like 2-H)
Stiff and flexible pointed pens (I like Nikko G)
Ruling pen, cola pen, automatic pen (1/2” to 1”) – optional
Favorite small broad edge tools: Speedball, Mitchell or Brause nibs, or comparable  
Watercolor set (if you don’t have, gouache or tubes of watercolor will work)
Brush(es) for watercolor/gouache
#11 X-acto blade & holder
Water container(s)
Favorite texts (optional)

Directions to the Grange (workshop location):
From the South
Take Exit 91 off of Rt. I-95. Go straight through the light onto Rt. 234
(Pequot Trail).
The Lodge is about a mile or less on the right.

From the North.
Take exit 91 off of Rt. I-95. Go left at the end of the ramp.
Go left at the light onto Rt. 234(Pequot Trail).
The Lodge is less than a mile on the right.